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This irregular newsletter is a response to our internal and external alienation; to our in-congruence. I want to make sense of our world and our place in it. Collectively, we believe that we are separate from land, culture, each other, ourselves, and reality. We are not.

Handcraft has become increasingly important in the last decade. Our age is one of keyboards and virtual stimulation. Rarely have we encouraged the sweat equity that splitting firewood, foraging food, and creating demands. As a crafts-person and podcaster I witness daily the transformative effect of handcraft in the lives of everyday people, professional or otherwise.

Internally, I find myself responding to our collective alienation.


This newsletter is partly dedicated to identifying our complex relationship to the land, our hands, and our communities. We are meant to be creators. It is our design. It is meant as a landing spot for those who need to shake off the rain, and warm themselves next to the flames of creativity. 

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